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Human Rights

Provincial and federal law in Canada prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of:

  • race, colour, national or ethnic origin 
  • religion or political belief
  • age 
  • sex, sexual orientation 
  • marital status, family status 
  • physical or mental disability 
  • a conviction for a criminal or summary conviction offence that is unrelated to the job in question or for which a pardon has been granted or a record suspended.

If you have been discriminated against in the course of applying for a job, have faced discrimination at work or have lost your job as a result of discrimination we can help.

Wrongful Dismissal

Have you been dismissed from your job without just cause and not provided with severance?  The law requires all employers to give reasonable notice or payment in lieu of notice when terminating an employee without just cause.  Talk to us about making sure you receive what you are entitled to.

First Nations

David has long worked with First Nations and First Nations’ organizations in Canada and Australia on land rights, resource access and employment law.  He is pleased to offer advice and representation in the areas of:

  • Employment and human resource policy for First Nations’ organizations  (employment contracts, policy and procedure manuals, disciplinary matters)
  • Human rights issues relating to employment.

Community (Non-Profit) Organizations

The work of community organizations is vital to the maintenance of the values we share as Canadians.  David is pleased to offer strategic and cost-effective advice for the non-profit sector on:

  • Employment issues for non-profit organizations  (employment contracts, policy issues, disciplinary matters)
  • Human rights issues relating to employment 

Employment Agreements

Many employers require new employees to sign employment contracts as a condition of employment.   These contracts can severely limit your right to severance if you are terminated and may also impact your job prospects by imposing restrictive conditions on who you may work for and where you may work in the future.  Before you sign an employment contract talk to us about your rights as an employee.

Labour Law

David represents a variety of labour unions and offers the following services:

  • Grievance mediation and arbitration
  • Collective bargaining advice and representation
  • Training for union officials in labour relations matters (disciplinary investigations, employee-management relations) 

Professional Regulation and Discipline

Members of professions (nurses, teachers, psychologists and many others) are governed by professional regulatory organizations that control licencing requirements and have the power to investigate and discipline their members.   The process is often a very stressful one and can be confusing for the professional involved.  If you are facing a professional licencing or disciplinary issue we can assist you through the process.

Employment and Labour Law,

Human Rights, Professional Regulation